About the Site and Frequently Asked Questions

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Molland's was created as a community for Janeites and as a resource for those wishing to learn more about Jane Austen and her work. We have archived out of copyright articles and books about Jane Austen (and will add more) and are endeavoring to create a complete list of links to other Jane Austen-related Web sites. If you have ideas for links or texts, let us know.

Why Molland's?

We are often asked by people named Molland who are Googling the name or researching their genealogy why the site is called Molland's. The name comes from Jane Austen's novel Persuasion, Volume II, Chapter VII (19):

Mr. Elliot was attending his two cousins and Mrs. Clay. They were in Milsom Street. It began to rain, not much, but enough to make shelter desirable for women, and quite enough to make it very desirable for Miss Elliot to have the advantage of being conveyed home in Lady Dalrymple's carriage, which was seen waiting at a little distance; she, Anne, and Mrs. Clay, therefore, turned into Molland's, while Mr. Elliot stepped to Lady Dalrymple, to request her assistance. He soon joined them again, successful, of course; Lady Dalrymple would be most happy to take them home, and would call for them in a few minutes.

According to the notes of the Oxford Illustrated Edition of Persuasion, "The Bath Directory for 1812 has: 'Molland Mrs. Cook and confectioner, 2, Milsom-street.'" Thus, Molland's was a real shop in Bath in Jane Austen's time. A member of our forum suggested the name when the forum was located at Tilneys and Trap-doors. As it seems that Molland's was a drop-in sort of meeting place in Bath, judging from the scene in Persuasion that takes place there, we thought the name apt, and decided to use the name for our Jane Austen community and resource site.


Can I use the Brock illustrations from this site for my website, academic paper, or other project? Can I make icons/avatars with them?

The illustrations at Molland's have been scanned and donated by Janeites who own the illustrated editions. The images are for the enjoyment of all Janeites. Yes, you can use a few to decorate your noncommercial website, you can use them for an academic paper, and you can use them to make avatars or icons, and, of course, LOLAustens. You can use them for any nonprofit project, particularly if it benefits JASNA or another Jane Austen-related literary society. Let us know how you are using the images!

However, you can NOT download every single image and put the whole collection on your site, and you can NOT use them for any commercial or for-profit website or project. The Janeites who donated these images went to a lot of trouble and expense to purchase the books and to scan the images and have very kindly agreed to share them with their fellow Janeites via this site. Don't be stupid and greedy and force us to mock you and call you John Thorpe.

Other questions will be posted as they are asked!