Frequently Asked Questions

I don't understand your URL/the name of this site. The Tilney part I get, but what's with the sandtrap?

Or, conversely:

I don't understand your URL/the name of this site. I know what a trap-door is, but what the hell's a Tilney?

From Northanger Abbey, Chapter XI:

"Thorpe talked to his horse, and she meditated, by turns, on broken promises and broken arches, phaetons and false hangings, Tilneys and trap-doors."

From the short story "The Janeites" by Rudyard Kipling, about a group of British soldiers in World War I who were fans of Jane Austen:

"...So for one pound, he communicated me the Pass-word of the First Degree which was Tilniz an' trap-doors.

"'I know what a trap-door is,' I says to 'em, 'but what in 'ell's Tilniz?'"

Tilney = Henry Tilney, hero of Northanger Abbey, Da Man, he of the greatcoats, guns, and devastating wit; my ideal. *swoon-snerk-thud*

Tilneys and Trap-doors = Used in the Janeite sense of the phrase; that is, stuff I think about, write about, &c.

I originally used the phrase for an e-mail address in an attempt to be literary; unfortunately I just seem to have confused everybody! However, it has become a trademark of sorts.

What happened to the print-friendly versions of the stories?

Guess what? You don't need them anymore! Just print the story page. It should *cough* print out minus the header image and menu. The fancy font titles will still be there, however; and yes, you have to print out each chapter individually. Take heart from the idea that this means less maintenance for me, and less website maintenance = more time to write new stories! Note: If you have a really old browser, it might not work.

What happened to the lame drawing of Jane Austen typing on a laptop?

I dispensed with the image map concept as part of my redesign; art classes everywhere breathe a sigh of relief and underline the word "perspective" several times with dark pencil. If you really want to see the (exceedingly lame) drawing, there is a small version of it here.