"What should I do with your strong, manly, spirited Sketches, full of Variety & Glow? -- How could I possibly join them on to the little bit (two Inches wide) of Ivory on which I work with so fine a Brush, as produces little effect after much labour?"~ Jane Austen, in a letter to her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh, 1816

The Manifesto of the Fan Fiction Author - My argument against those who consider fan fiction an abomination by definition. Is it tongue in cheek? You decide.

Wentworth Makes His Bones - The Battle of St. Domingo, in which Jane Austen tells us that Captain Wentworth achieved distinction, has fallen into general obscurity, but taken in context of the war it was not an unimportant action.

Cinematography in P2 - A discussion of the tracking shots and points of view employed in the 1995 film version of Persuasion, by a partial, prejudiced, and ignorant cineaste.

Truths Universally Acknowledged - A comparison of the novel Emma and the film Clueless. This is a term paper I wrote for a class called "Narrative Form in Film and Literature."

Jane Austen's Birth Chart - For entertainment purposes only!

From the Cult of Da Man:

The REAL Henry Tilney? - Did Jane Austen take some of Henry Tilney's best attributes from a real-life clergyman that she met in Bath?

The HP's NA Dream Cast - Some commentary on the adaptation and casting of a new NA movie.

The Nature of Da Man: The Curricle - How does Henry Tilney's choice of equipage reflect upon his character?

Published Elsewhere

"A Thoroughly Modern Janeite" - an essay about Janeites and about being a Janeite, published as part of the anthology Number One Fan, published by Smart Cookie Publishing. The reviews of the anthology all seem to find the essay curious and/or scary. It's so cool.