The Cult of Da Man

images of da man

The Hugh Thomson Illustrations of Northanger Abbey

Hugh Thomson's black and white line-art illustrations, first published in 1897, give us another version of Da Man; because of the nature of the illustrations, he appears to be fair-haired, although the High Priestess believes that to be an optical illusion. There are some seriously attractive images of Da Man here; observe the rakish angle of the hat in this picture. He is often portrayed in action, on horseback, or accompanied by his dogs. Thank you, Mr. Thomson, wherever you are, for these striking images of Da Man!

"Catherine grows quite a good-looking girl" -- Volume I, Chapter I (1)

"What an odd gown she has got on!"-- Volume I, Chapter II (2)

"Pinned up each other's train for the dance " -- Volume I, Chapter V (5)

"I beg your pardon, Miss Morland" -- Volume I, Chapter VIII (8)

Off they went, with out a plunge or a caper -- Volume I, Chapter IX (9)

"Rid out this morning with my father" -- Volume I, Chapter X (10)

The same kind of delicate flattery -- Volume I, Chapter XII (12)

"Let me go, Mr. Thorpe" -- Volume I, Chapter XIII (13)

The three villains in horsemen's great coats -- Volume II, Chapter I (16)

"The edge of a blooming cheek is still in view" -- Volume II, Chapter III (18)

They all attended in the hall to see him mount -- Volume II, Chapter VII (22)

"Mr. Tilney!" she exclaimed -- Volume II, Chapter IX (24)

Henry and the friends of his solitude -- Volume II, Chapter XI (26)

Happy the voice that proclaimed the discovery! -- Volume II, Chapter XIV (29)

It was some time before she could find what she looked for -- Volume II, Chapter XV (30)

They always looked another way -- Volume II, Chapter XVI (31)

Many thanks to Laura Sauer of Austentations for scanning the drawings!