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the high priestess

The High Priestess

The High Priestess, like her hero, enjoys reading novels, delighting in nature, and working with textiles. She thinks she has a great deal of natural taste and can often be found imparting her wisdom to others. She conceived the idea for this website because Northanger Abbey seemed to be the red-haired stepchild of the Austen oeuvre, on the Internet anyway, and she feels that it is her mission in life to bring others to knowledge of the joy that is Da Man.

An Interview With The High Priestess

The Chief Acolyte

The Chief Acolyte (a.k.a. Rhonda, a.k.a. I-should-have-been-Catherine-Morland), when not paying homage to Henry Tilney, spends her time avoiding essay assignments and other such "odious" things (gigs included). In that time she is known to hit the basketball court, pull an oar, pole vault, attempt to draw (if only Henry were around to help her!), watch too many movies, hang out online, pull together a newspaper, and, now, help with the graphic design of a web site. She flirts better than Isabella Thorpe, is fond of history like Eleanor Tilney, attends church more often than Henry Tilney ever did, and reads more than Catherine Morland ever could (but perhaps college has a bit to do with that!). But she drives about the same as John Thorpe. :-)

the chief acolyte

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