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In her travels along the Information Superhighway, the High Priestess has found many links to essays and other items of interest to do with Northanger Abbey. They are hereby listed for the benefit of all Cultists, although the High Priestess cautions that the links listed below do not necessarily reflect her opinion or that of any other Cultists and they should not be taken as Absolute Truth just because somebody converted them to HTML and uploaded them to the World Wide Web. Surf away, but take a lesson from Catherine and do so with a healthy dose of Da Mannish skepticism. (The High Priestess would like to add that the essays on the Cult site should be read the same way; after all, Henry would expect nothing less of us.)

The links will open in a new browser window; simply close the window when you are finished with that site to return to this page.

Northanger Abbey Composition & Plot from an English professor at Vanderbilt University (so stop bugging us, o lazy students)

Notes on Northanger Abbey from the above source

Same as above, Part 2

Notes on Northanger Abbey from a professor at Vanguard University

Some discussion questions on NA from the same source

Class notes and discussion questions for NA from the University of Wisconsin

A calendar for Northanger Abbey

Get Da Man on your PDA (the very thought of it makes the High Priestess swoon) from the good folks at Tucows

"The Northanger Canon", as listed by noted literary critic Isabella Thorpe in Volume I, Chapter VI (6) ("but are they all horrid, are you sure they are all horrid?") from the University of Virginia

Images of two pages from a first-edition copy of NA, from the above source

From Persuasions Online, the online journal of the Jane Austen Society of North America:

Norton Online Notes to Northanger Abbey

A chapter on Northanger Abbey from the book Jane Austen by O.W. Firkins (from the Jane Austen E-texts site)

Letters from and to Jane Austen related to Northanger Abbey, from the above source

Ethelinde in Northanger Abbey: a Palimpsest by Brent Raycroft

How does Jane Austen direct her readers' response to her heroine throughout Northanger Abbey? by James Durrant

Class syllabus and NA discussion questions from Marshall University

Catherine Morland and the Vice of the Sympathetic Imagination by Nicola Cummins

Nature's Role as a Literary Device in Northanger Abbey

The Private Possession of Culture -- some stuff on NA and Udolpho.

Revising the Radcliffean Model: Regina Maria Roche's Clermont and Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey by Anthony Mandal

An extremely short review of Northanger Abbey

A very short student report on NA

A report of the JASA 1999 conference, concentrating on Northanger Abbey

Country Houses in Northanger Abbey, from the above source

A review of NA in Italian, which strikes the HP as being very appropriate

Some links for The Mysteries of Udolpho

Paper doll of Catherine Morland from now they offer Da Man as well, complete with boots and greatcoat! The High Priestess approves.

For you crafty types...get out the needlenose pliers and make yourself a pair of Northanger Abbey Earrings!

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

The Jane Austen Bath Walk

A review of the dramatic production of Northanger Abbey recently staged in New York by the Distilled Spirits Theatre, which the High Priestess saw and enjoyed thoroughly

Another review of the same production (scroll down to find it)

Another theatrical production of Northanger Abbey, which the High Priestess unfortunately did not see

Theatrical production of Northanger Abbey at the Theatre Royal in York. Wish I could have been there!

Laura Sauer's NA2 site--all the news that's fit to print


A page on NA2 from a "Dawkins Creek" site (presumably in reference to Rachael Leigh Cook, who guest-starred on that show)

Listing for NA1 at IMDb

E! Online listing for NA1

Tilney All Saints -- Just for fun--click on the census reports and check out some of the names in the parish!