The Cult of Da Man

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Da Man?

Da Man is Henry Tilney, the hero of the novel Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Why do you like him so much?

He is witty, charming, brilliant, tall, dark, and, if not quite handsome, is very near it. He reads novels, likes dogs, drives his curricle quietly but well, and is a bit of a slob. What's not to love?

Henry Tilney? Isn't he the one with the thing for muslin?

A careful reading of that passage will reveal that Da Man is engaging in a bit of harmless fun with dear Mrs. Allen, who never had a clue. That's why Catherine laughed at his comments (but tried to hide it, to spare that good lady's feelings).

How does one join the Cult of Da Man?

There is no formal application process. If you have read Northanger Abbey and found Henry Tilney charming, you may consider yourself an acolyte. The High Priestess and the Chief Acolyte welcome you and invite you to peruse these pages to familiarize yourself with the Cult.

I love Henry! Can I contribute to this website?

But of course! We are actively soliciting tributes, fan fiction, and essays from fellow Cultists. Contact the High Priestess for details.

You guys aren't serious, are you?

As Da Man is ever serious, so are we.