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The C. E. Brock Illustrations of Northanger Abbey

An edition of Northanger Abbey published in 1907 (click here to see the title page) contained the following wonderful color illustrations. The High Priestess and the Chief Acolyte both agree that Mr. Brock was a brother Cultist; his representation of Da Man is truly magnificent, and does the boots and greatcoats full justice. His Henry is tall, dark, and not only very close to handsome, but downright sexy! In the vernacular of our own, less genteel time, he would be termed "a hottie."

The High Priestess has one very small quibble in Mr. Brock's drawings; he draws Da Man dressed all in black. Presumably he did so because in the Victorian era, and even in the later Regency era, clergymen dressed thus. However, if one places the action of the novel in the late 18th century when it was written (and when the Advertisement By The Authoress places it), Henry would probably have dressed much like any other reasonably wealthy country gentleman, in whatever colour he chose. However, the Brock illustrations are too beautiful to voice any great objection. They are hereby listed for the perusal and enjoyment of all Cultists.

Title Page

"Catherine grows quite a good-looking girl" -- Volume I, Chapter I (1)

"She felt the awkwardness of having no party to join" -- Volume I, Chapter II (2)

"Always arm-in-arm when they walked" -- Volume I, Chapter V (5)

"Mr. John Thorpe" -- Volume I, Chapter VII (7)

"The boldness of his riding" (John Thorpe's, not Da Man's) -- Volume I, Chapter IX (9)

"Pray, pray stop, Mr. Thorpe" -- Volume I, Chapter XI (11)

"A famous good thing, this marrying scheme" -- Volume I, Chapter XV (15)

"Still sitting with Captain Tilney" -- Volume II, Chapter III (18)

"Can you stand such a ceremony as this!" -- Volume II, Chapter V (20)

"It was my mother's favourite walk" -- Volume II, Chapter VII (22)

"It was the air and attitude of a Montoni!" -- Volume II, Chapter VIII (23)

"Good God! How came you up that staircase?" -- Volume II, Chapter IX (24)

"A charming game with a litter of puppies" -- Volume II, Chapter XI (26)

" Mr. Henry Tilney" -- Volume II, Chapter XV (30)

"Mr. and Mrs. Morland's surprize...was considerable" -- Volume II, Chapter XVI (31)

Many thanks to the Chief Acolyte for tracking down the book and scanning the pictures!